While there’s a need for leadership development, most people think about training, which can only partially address the most common missing pieces to success – drive, execution, skills, and knowledge. Though training is necessary to fill skill gaps and deliver required knowledge, coaching is indispensible to inspire inner drive for success and ensure solid execution to excel. Hooray delivers an optimized balance of training and coaching to accomplish desired development results!
Hooray offers a comprehensive solution to help our client succeed:
  • Training Programs
    A variety of training options that help develop future leaders, sharpen crucial skills and elevate teamwork.

  • Personal & Executive Coaching
    The one-on-one coaching service that provides individualized support to drive results through a process of personal discovery.


Hooray’s programs are all customized to address the distinct requirements of our clients. We lay the foundation of a tailored plan on each individual’s development needs, and follow the organizational goal as the ultimate compass throughout the training and coaching process.

Beginning with a thorough consultation, Hooray works closely with our clients at every step while delivering a Hooray program:

  • Gain an extensive understanding on the organizational goals and development needs, and ensure the alignment between the organization and each individual.

  • Identify and deliver the type of training that can equip individuals with required competencies to achieve the organizational goals.

  • Support individuals to apply the learning to daily work and progress towards their development target.

  • Coach individuals to motivate accountability and action with a great sense of purpose.

  • Accomplish the desired outcome for both organizations and individuals!

Check out Hooray’s training programs and coaching service, or contact us today to learn more.