Hooray’s coaching program might last 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or longer depending on the coaching objectives and meeting frequency. Throughout the coaching partnership, we are fully engaged with our clients at every step:

  • Connect and confirm

    To conduct an initial meeting to gain a basic understanding of the client’s needs and objectives, go through the elements of coaching arrangement and determine whether coaching is the right tool for the client

  • Gain objective insights

    To gain objective insights about the client through feedback or assessment tools to tailor an effective coaching plan

  • Position to take off

    To validate the assessment results, draw out the client’s motivation, values and career aspirations, and map out action plans to achieve

  • Execute with purpose in mind

    To motivate and provoke the client’s thoughts and actions with increased self-awareness, sense of purpose and clarity

  • Partner with perspectives

    To provide inspiring perspectives to elevate the client’s confidence, positive attitude and resilience to face up to challenges and difficulties

  • Celebrate the destination and the journey

    To celebrate the hard work and reflect from the journey


Coaching can be used for leadership development, career transition or advancement, performance enhancement, or as a thought partner. Here are some examples about how Hooray’s coaching service is deployed by our clients:

Business situation: Our client is a rapidly growing business, who needs their management members to quickly step up to support the business growth.

Coaching objectives: Work with selected managers to accelerate their leadership capabilities and confidence for bigger responsibilities; tailor coaching strategy by individual’s unique strengths and distinct business requirements.

Business situation: Our client is going through major organizational changes; the management members needs to maintain the team morale and deliver solid business results while dealing with all the uncertainties.

Coaching objectives: Work with selected managers to address their individual challenges, provide coaching support to accomplish their management responsibilities with a sense of purpose and clarity.

Business situation: Our client is in a fast-paced industry; they want to provide their senior management team the required resources to prosper the business and achieve sustainable competitiveness.

Coaching objectives: Work with senior managers as their thought partner; apply individualized coaching approach to provoke a sense of purpose and enhanced clarity on ideas, strategies or challenges.

Business situation: Our client is conducting a workforce reduction as a result of strategy change; they want to provide career coaching service to the separated employees for a smooth career transition.

Coaching objectives: Work with the employees to identify next steps, inspire self-exploration with emphasis on each individual’s strengths, skills, motivation and values; translate their career aspirations to strategic and effective action plans.

Business situation: Our client is an individual who is seeking for self-advancement at work.

Coaching objectives: Work with the client on the identified areas to achieve overall performance excellence; engage the client in a personal discovery process for motivation, values and purpose to inspire commitment and action.

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