Applying the Hooray model, Hooray’s Skill Excellence Program offers a series of workshops to help our clients master crucial skills while leveraging each individual’s distinguished character strengths.

  • Communication Workshop

    The ability to communicate directly impacts how we engage, interact with and influence others, it is one of the most essential skills a great leader needs to master. Hooray’s Communication Workshop helps transform the attitude of “this is how I communicate” to “I communicate effectively with my own style”.

  • Coaching Workshop

    Coaching is a powerful tool for performance management and people development. Hooray’s Coaching Workshop equips participants with practical coaching techniques to help their teams and/or direct reports raise their self-awareness, take accountability and action to accomplish individual and team objectives.


  • Individuals or teams who need to stengthen their communication skills at work

  • Managers and supervisors who want to build coaching skills for people development and performance management


Program participants will be able to:
  • Increase self-awareness and gain better understanding of others when communicating at work, or coaching for performance management and people development

  • Communicate or coach effectively while leveraging personal strengths and characteristics

  • Enhance work productivity and leadership capabilities by advancing crucial skills

  • Raise the level of self-confidence by achieving personal growth

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