There are fundamental differences between “a group of people” and “a team”. A team comprises a group of people who are committed to work together towards a common purpose. Are you currently leading a group of people or a team?

Hooray’s Team Excellence Program helps promote effective collaboration and communication, the essence of transforming a group of people to a team. This program is delivered using the Hooray model and Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI). With more than 2 million people taking it annually, Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) is the most popular psychological instrument in the world used to measure and describe personality characteristics. It provides a comprehensive but easy-to-understand way of seeing how people are similar and different from each other while gathering information, making decisions, communicating and orienting their lives. The understanding of personality types are proven a valuable tool to promote effective communication, team morale and productivity.


Individuals from the same team, group or department who need to work cohesively and communicate effectively with each other.


Team Excellence Program can help:
  • Establish individual’s self-awareness and the understanding of similarities and differences in others

  • Encourage the strengths of each distinct individual

  • Improve and embrace different forms of communication

  • Accelerate team productivity

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