This program is built around “the Six Gears to Leadership Excellence”- self-awareness, people, goal, navigation, execution and productivity. Although the six gears are powered by different components and they might seem independent from each other, all six have to mesh and rotate seamlessly with each other to be able to achieve leadership excellence.

Hooray's Leadership Excellence Program consists of four elements delivered using the Hooray model:

  • The Six Gears to Leadership Excellence

    To provide an overview of the six gears and how they work together

  • Self-exploration

    To raise self-awareness and establish leadership mindset

  • Tailored leadership topics

    To take a closer look at the key components of selected gears with practical working models and tips

  • Post-program coaching sessions

    To offer individualized coaching support for desired and sustainable results


  • Individuals interested in growing leadership capabilities or pursuing career advancement

  • Emerging leaders with increasing responsibilities in the organization

  • First-time managers


Program participants will be able to:
  • Gain a clear understanding about what leadership entails

  • Raise self-awareness, think and act like a leader

  • Develop leadership competence and get prepared for future opportunities to succeed

  • Increase leadership savvy by working on real challenges and issues

  • Lay out a clear path around the six leadership gears for continuous learning

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